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Recycler pour mieux reconstruire – Le monde magique de Lorenzo

This sheet offers an activity aimed at getting children to be creative using recyclable materials to improve an object or invent a new object. To do after watching the Un croissant avec ça, La fuite d’eau et Le déchet créatif episodes from Le monde magique de Lorenzo series (each video is 7mins) Save to Board […]

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Quizizz is a creativity software company used in class, group works, pre-test review, exams, unit test, and impromptu tests. It allows students and teachers to be online at the same time. Ideal for students from Grade 3 to 12. Great for Instructional Design, Game-Based Learning, Assessment, Formative Assessment. This is a good multiple-choice-style quiz tool […]

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QC French Printable Worksheets

A printable collection of worksheets created by QC French. Worksheets are in PDF format and are printable and free to use by individuals. The worksheets include grammar points, ER/RE/IR regular and irregular verbs, imperfect tense, adjectives, gender of nouns, and various vocabulary lists (body parts, around the house, food vocabulary). English instructions provided. A collection […]

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News In Slow French

News in Slow French is a website, but also an application that can be downloaded onto most devices, and utilized for news and language learning. There are a variety of different resources, texts, audio stories, guides, and lessons. Most of the content is free, however there are also subscription based options for additional features. News […]

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Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada/National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada contains a variety of different collections of art, especially Canadian art, and prides itself on its accessibility to the public across the country. The National Gallery of Art website is the official website for National treasures and collections of art, officially recognized at the capital, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The […]

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My TOP 9 RESOURCES for LEARNING FRENCH are all resources I’ve used to teach myself French. These mostly FREE online language resources are my favourites that helped me go from a beginner A1 level of French up to a B2 intermediate French speaker. I explain the Pros and cons of each French language tool and […]

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National Gallery of Canada – Musée des Beaux Arts du Canada

The National Gallery of Art website is the official website for National treasures and collections of art, officially recognized at the capital, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The National Art Gallery provides its content in both English and French, and provides resources for teachers, students, adults and families. Specific Resource for Teachers – The National Gallery […]

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Peuples autochtones

Plusieurs sujets à propos des peuples autochtones sont abordés sur cette page: le droit de vote des peuples autochtones (*), la colonisation, les pensionnats, la traite des fourrures, Louis Riel, la guerre de 1812, le peuple Inuit, le Métis et les Premières Nations. Il existe également un guide pédagogique, des activités d’art et d’écriture, des […]

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Mini TFO Kids / Flip TFO, Plus TFO, Idello

Educational French language videos, films and TV shows for kids, youth and adults based on Canada’s francophonie. Also quality educational certified content for students, parents and teachers from K-12. TFO provides educational content in French for children, teens and adults in four different categories. Mini TFO offers educational videos, cartoons, animated films, TV shows for […]

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