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Champion Math

An online math learning app available in English or French based on the education system from France so the ages do not correspond to the Canadian school system. Math exercises for grades 1 to 6 . Champion Math is an interactive French site that invites children between the ages of four and ten to practice […]

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Canadian Parents for French – Heritage Canada

CPF – Canadian Parents for French is primarily designed with the needs of parents in mind, but is a comprehensive portal that links to external resources, and promotes the advocacy and acquisition of French in a Canadian learning context. Designed to give parents of children learning French resources, there are different levels of involvement that […]

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Canadian FSL Teacher Candidate Beliefs about Students with Learning Difficulties

Through the lens of critical theory, and with consideration of research on the beliefs of teacher candidates and inclusion, this study considers the views of French Second Language pre-service teachers toward students with learning difficulties. This study reports on the results of two questionnaires, implemented prior to and following the participants’ classroom practicum experiences, as […]

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Primary students K- 3 listen to illustrated stories online and learn to read by developing phonic skills and word recognition in a fun entertaining manner. Illustrated books designed to discover reading while having fun, while allowing children to progress at their own pace. Stories to give a taste for reading in French from the age […]

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Stories for children and adults from diverse cultures. The stories are short, between 2 and 6 minutes, and some are written for children to understand adult problems (e.g., environment, recycling, friendship, etc.). They all have subtitles, and foster the development of the four strands: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Animated French books for children with […]

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Access to special education for exceptional students in French immersion programs: An equity issue

English Exceptional pupils enrolled in Canadian French immersion programs rarely have access to the same range of special education programs and services that are available to students in the regular English program. More often than not, students with special needs are encouraged to transfer to English programs to access necessary support services. This counselling-out process […]

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ACCESSING OPPORTUNITY / A study on challenges in French-as-a-second-language education teacher supply and demand in Canada.

One of the main responsibilities of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada (the Commissioner) is to promote linguistic duality in Canadian society. To help meet this responsibility, the Commissioner raises Canadians’ awareness of the benefits of linguistic duality and carries out research, studies and public awareness activities to help inform all Canadians of the […]

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