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NILD Canada – National Institute for Learning Development

This website provides information on the types of learning disabilities, the warning signs, the diagnosis process, and the impact a learning disability may have. It also provides additional resources for parents and training workshops for teachers, all with the goal of learning more about LDs and how to support children/students. Save to Board […]

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Equal access: Universal Design of Instruction

This website provides a summary of strategies that teachers can use in their classes (from kindergarten to post-secondary) to make them more inclusive. The resource divides these measures into the following 7 categories: 1) Class Climate, 2) Interaction, 3) Physical Environments and Products, 4) Delivery Methods, 5) Information Resources and Technology, 6) Feedback and Assessment, […]

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Understanding Learning Disabilities

This website explains how learning disabilities may impact a student’s learning in a classroom setting. It divides specific impairments into a chart to understand how cognitive processes are affected. Also, there is specific information regarding how LDs may impact students at an elementary school, high school, and post-secondary level. Save to Board […]

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Inclure les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers dans les programmes de français langue seconde : Guide à l’intention des écoles de l’Ontario

Ce guide a pour but de fournir aux éducateurs, aux écoles et aux conseils scolaires les informations nécessaires pour mieux inclure les élèves qui nécessitent un enseignement spécialisé dans les classes de français langue seconde. Le Ministère de l’Éducation a utilisé une compilation de recherches, de données, et de politiques en Ontario afin de présenter […]

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