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The Unleading Project

An amazing podcast of particular interest to FSL teachers and other FSL stakeholders. The author redefines leadership in a way that opens new doors. I particularly like the concept of Community Centered Leadership. Taken in a FSL context and through a hub like Camerise these ideas can help us advocate for social justice in FSL […]

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Prononciation; les lettres de l’alphabet

The singer sings a song about her name and the letters of the alphabet. Learning resource type: Listening activity Keywords: alphabet, prénom, prononciation, des sons Suggested activities: Learner will spell own name, names of family members and pets, as well as other words. Vocabulary and expressions: je m’appelle, elle s’appelle, il s’appelle; maman, papa, grand-mère, […]

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La naissance de la Francophonie

This lesson plan explains to the class how the Francophonie, as an organization, was formed through various activities. (Audio: 2min 40sec). These activities will teach students to locate important details within an institutional context and understand the purpose of La Francophonie. Save to Board […]

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Le jour du Souvenir

Nancy, a French immersion student from Timmins talks about ‘Le jour du Souvenir’ and its importance. She also explains why she thinks it should not be a holiday. At the end of the podcast she asks the listener Qu’en pensez-vous? Idéllo promotes digital story telling and podcasting for students. The website provides resources for teachers […]

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Flash Info

Les épisodes peuvent être employés pour les dictées, les devoirs (pour la compréhension orale) ou l’enrichissement en dehors de l’école pour les élèves Un balado de Radio-Canada qui condense les principales nouvelles de la journée tous les jours, toutes présentées en quelques minutes. Save to Board […]

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This is a FREE one stop shop. The learning units explore diverse themes, which will help the learner to broaden his/her vocabulary. They follow the curriculum expectations in all subjects, which will help during report card season. This website attends to the needs of Core and Immersion FSL teachers, from Grade 4 to 8. In […]

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Africa2020 : sélection de ressources

A combination of subject content, film, music, and the arts aiming to educate French Immersion learners from age 9 to 19, as well as intermediate and secondary Core French students. They are up to date, culture rich primary resources that will help the learner understand and value the African diversity. (Grades 3 -8) Mathématiques, arts […]

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