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100 Creative ideas to use H5P in language teaching

This is an inspired collection from an open crowdsourced collection by #creativeHE, presenting a diverse array of ideas on the potential uses of H5P in language education. This collection serves as a valuable referral resource for language teachers, for those who use or are planning to use H5P in their teaching learning environments. This document […]

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Intercultural Competence in FSL: A Teacher Practical Collaboration Envisioning a Change of Action in French Teaching and Learning

This course aims to promote a better understanding of the role of interculturality in FSL teaching and learning. The content is structured around widely recognised theoretical concepts and proposes practical applications. While the course is geared primarily towards FSL teachers in Ontario, the content can benefit language educators everywhere. Save to Board […]

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Planning Board-wide Cultural Experiences in FSL: A Guide for School Board FSL Consultants

The purpose of this Guide is to provide support to School Board FSL Consultants interested in planning pre-recorded, interactive cultural experiences for their schools. These experiences are intended to build intercultural awareness and appreciation among FSL students while building proficiency in the language. In addition to the event with the personality, an FSL Cultural Experience […]

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Practical Interculturality through the Funds of Knowledge Strategy in FSL

The objective of this resources is to illustrate concrete ways in which Funds of Knowledge (FKN) can be promoted and integrated in French as a Second Language (FSL) teaching and learning through pedagogical practices that foster inclusion for diverse students and value their communities by connecting classroom learning to lived experiences. Save to Board […]

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Version écrite du Module 2 (mini-cours Camerise) : Les droits d’auteur : tour d’horizon pour les au niveau élémentaire et secondaire

L’équipe Camerise a développé un mini-cours asynchrone pour former les de français langue seconde au niveau élémentaire et secondaire aux principes de l’éducation ouverte et pour les outiller en vue de la création de RÉL à travers le « parcours RÉL Camerise » en 6 étapes. Le Mini-cours Camerise : devenir auteur.e d’une RÉL […]

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