Template Copyrights request – Modèle demandes droits d’auteur

If you are willing to ask permission to use a resource that is under Copyrights, you can use this template to send a request to the copyrights holders. Si vous souhaitez demander la permission pour utiliser une ressource soumise à des Copyrights, voici une modèle de demande à envoyer aux détenteurs des droits d’auteurs. Save […]

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An excellent resource highlighting French literature for children and youth featuring Black authors and Black characters. Save to Board […]

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An Annotated Bibliography of Mental Health Resources for Educators

This resource is a great way for teachers learn more about mental health to further support their students. This provides video resources as well as Research resources that can provide Educators with an additional layer of information that will further support their student population. While our school communities become increasingly focused on Mental Health, this […]

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An Annotated Bibliography For French Language Learners

This resource can be a great help to support French Language Learners. This resource includes activities and supports that are available to support students. For educators, this can be a great way to support at home learning and support parents in their ability to support their child’s learning. Justin Heenan Save to Board […]

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