Culture : les conventions de la carte postal / Cart postal, écriture

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Publisher:  TV5MONDE

Author:  Briet, Geneviève

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Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021

Language of Resource: Français

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Media Format: Website

Students will learn what a postal card is and how to write one. They will learn where to write the date, the address, signature, and the body of the card. (as an extension they could learn how to write an email and a tweet) Keywords: writing, postcard, tourism, vacation, remembrance day, citizenship, Christmas
Tutorial on how to write a postcard. Opportunity to reflect on and discuss: Saviez-vous qu’il y a des cultures qui ne fêtent pas les anniversaires? Réflexion personnelle : Pourquoi échangeons-nous des cartes, des textos, etc.?
Learner outcomes:
Vocabulary and expressions: Greetings and farewell expressions
Language structures/conventions (grammar/syntax)
Appropriate use of language structures/conventions/vocabulary in different contexts
Intercultural understanding
Related resource : Culture(s) : tabac ou anti-tabac (link #2) Core French Grade 4:
– Reading: C2.1 – Purposes of text form (identify the purpose(s) of some familiar text forms including fictional, informational, graphic, and media forms) (e.g., a greeting card to send good wishes or convey thank you, an email, a Tweet, etc.). Teacher explains to students the diverse forms of writing to communicate, and when to choose a specific one.
– Writing: D1.1- Identifying Purpose and Audience: (determine, with support from the teacher, their purpose for writing and the audience for French texts they plan to create). Students can go on a virtual trip virtual tourism and write a postcard to friends and family, can write a Tweet thanking veterans for their contribution to peace in the world, write an email or a Christmas card to seniors from a nursing, write someone a birthday card.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion

Education Level: 4

Subject(s): Langue française, Études sociales

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