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French for the Future – Français pour l’avenir

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French for the Future has six programs to promote bilingualism. Teachers interested in engaging their students in a pragmatic way of learning French need to register to get all the necessary materials. Franconnexion Sessions help students connect the French learned in the classroom with the real-life benefits of being bilingual. Local Forums bring together high school students for the opportunity to experience the cultural and professional value of continuing a bilingual education. National essay contest Open to students in grades 10 to 12 across Canada, the Contest will award a total of $250,000 in scholarships, giving its winners the chance to pursue their postsecondary studies partially or completely in French. The National Ambassador Youth Forum brings together bilingual high school students from across Canada for a week of intense learning with the ultimate goal of creating ambassadors for bilingualism. Bilingual Young Leaders is a youth committee founded by French for the Future. It gathers 7 young committed bilingual Canadians, who want to develop projects and help promote bilingualism. x-Forums are local initiatives that benefit from the support of French for the Future.
French for the Future is a not-for-profit organization that supports and motivates high school students on their path towards bilingualism. French for the Future promotes Canada’s official bilingualism and the immediate and lifelong benefits of learning and communicating in French to students from grades 7 to 12 across Canada. French for the Future envisions a Canada in which all young people value our French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavour to excel in the French language.French for the Future offers youth aged 12 to 18 exceptional life experiences, and everyday pleasures in French.

To do this, French for the Future:

Provides a sustained, significant, and authentic presence in French; a support to evolve with youth,
Offers periodic WOW events that value French, nourish emotional experience, and energize youth,
Encourages networking by, and for young Francophiles in their locality, region, and across Canada, based on their communities of personal interests.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion, Late Immersion, Extended, Late Extended

Education Level: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject(s): Langue française

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