Manger local, un casse-tête chinois

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Publisher:  TV5MONDE

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Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021

Language of Resource: Français

Resource Type: Video

Media Format: Website

A French girl moves to Hong Kong and visits the market, where she finds products from around the world. This experience is very different from her home experience, where she usually eats local.
Keywords: vocabulary-groceries, personal experience, geography Curriculum expectations:
– Core French Grade 5: Expectation Listen to understand A1.1 Using Listening Comprehension Strategies.
B1.4 Creating Media Texts: create a variety of oral media texts using forms, conventions, and techniques appropriate to the purpose and audience.
Students create a video explaining the advantages and disadvantages of buying local (e.g., advantages, less pollution, more jobs, food is more nutritious; disadvantages, price, fewer options during the summer and almost no food in the winter).
– Core French Grade 8: Expectation Listen to understand -Intercultural understanding. A3.1 Intercultural Awareness: using information from oral French texts, identify French-speaking communities in Europe, find out about aspects of their cultures, and make connections to personal experiences and their own and other communities. Réflexion personnelle : Pensez à la situation dans votre pays.Peut-on consommer local? Pensez à vos habitudes. Vérifiez-vous l’origine des produits? Learner outcomes:
Vocabulary and expressions: avoir l’habitude de…, venir de + un lieu, manger local
Language structures/conventions (grammar/syntax)
Appropriate use of language structures/conventions/vocabulary in different contexts
Intercultural understanding
Students learn new vocabulary words (food items, countries)

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion

Education Level: 5, 8

Subject(s): Géographie

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