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Qu’est-ce que le virus de la COVID-19?

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Publisher:  Gouvernement du Canada Relations Couronne-Autochtones et Affaires du Nord Canada

Author:  Gouvernement du Canada

Hosted by:

Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  novembre 4, 2021

Language of Resource: Anglais, Français

Resource Type: Learning Object

Media Format: Website

Prep time: 5 minutes

Teaching duration: 45 minutes

Resource created to bring awareness to the COVID virus among indigenous students, age 4 to 7, but also applies to every student. Student will learn how to protect him or herself through fun activities.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion

Education Level: Maternelle/jardin d'enfants, 1, 2

Subject(s): Langue française, Santé & éducation physique

Traditional Knowledge Label(s): TK Non-Verified

Accessibililty: The resource has been assessed for accessibility purposes and has been determined to be accessible.

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