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Remote learning for students with special education needs: Educator tip sheet

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Author:  Government of Ontario

Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  décembre 17, 2021

Language of Resource: Anglais

Resource Type: Article

Media Format: Document

This tip sheet provides strategies for educators on how to support students with special needs during online instruction. Tier 1 addresses how to encourage engagement, representation, and effective structuring of time/activities. Tiers 2 and 3 divide instructional tips into synchronous and asynchronous models of teaching. Each of these two sections also provides behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical, and multiple strategies that encourage inclusive practices.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion, Extended

Education Level: Université - deuxième et troisième cycle, All Levels

Subject(s): Éducation

Equity, Diversity, Social Justice: This material contains content related to equity, diversity, and/or social justice.

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