Texts in French Featuring BIPOC For French as a Second Language Classes

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Publisher:  Faroogh, Natasha

Author:  Faroogh, Natasha; Williams, Sarah; Gharaee-Kermani, Khorshid; Sidhu, Gurkirat; Thakor, Azima; Dhillon, Gurleen; Tuner, Amy; Dinh, Vicky; Jafri, Austin; Nagpal, Asha; Treichel, Mandy; Lake, Marcia; Seuradge, Rochelle

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Submitted by:  yorkfsl

Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021

Language of Resource: Anglais, Français, Espagnol, Autre

Resource Type: Software

Media Format: Website

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We hope this slideshow will help you find texts that you can use in French as Second Language classrooms that feature BIPOC doing ordinary & extraordinary things, as well as texts that help in addressing colonialism, racism, and other oppressions.
Accessibility Tips — Music Videos Featuring BIPOC — Colonialism/anti-colonialism/Environment/Migration — Racism/Anti-Racism/Feminism/Movements/Experiences with Migration — Featuring and Celebrating BIPOC — Resource Websites Book Catalogues Book Suggestions

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion, Late Immersion, Extended, Late Extended

Education Level: Adult and Continuing Education, All Levels

Subject(s): Apprenants adultes, Langue française, Études de genre & sexualité, Art graphique & décoratif, Interdisciplinaire/transdisciplinaire, Études sociales

Traditional Knowledge Label(s): ST Clan

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