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Vers une littératie numérique pour l’enseignement et l’apprentissage des langues / Digital literacy for the teaching and learning of languages

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Publisher:  Centre européeen de langues vivantes (CELV) du Conseil de l'Europe

Author:  Ollivier, Christian; Caws, Catherine; Jeanneau, Catherine; Zourou, Katerina; Hamel, Marie-Josée; Hofmann, Ulrike

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Submitted by:  yorkfsl

Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021


This content within this resource may be sensitive to some viewers.

Language of Resource: Anglais, Français

Resource Type: Software

Media Format: Website

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Teaching duration: N/A

E-lang provides language teachers with educational resources that promote the use of “tasks anchored in real life” in a didactic approach that takes social interactions fully into account. E-lang ultimately benefits learners to make them competent and autonomous language users and citizen actors of the web.
• Digital literacy teaching framework and socio-interactional approach for language teaching-learning
• Webinar with concrete examples that can be produced on web 2.0 sites, glossary, related resources
• e-lang (Moodle) online self-training platform
• Guide for conducting training using e-lang modules
Why use e-lang resources?
• To familiarize yourself with the socio-interactional approach, implemented through “tasks anchored in real life” carried out online on participatory sites.
• To learn how to use digital tools and resources that help learners complete tasks and develop autonomy by enriching their personal learning environments.
• To build your own training course according to your needs through self-study modules online, open and free.
• To conduct training using e-lang modules.

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Subject(s): Langue française


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