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Voila Learning Mathematics

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Publisher:  British Columbia Ministry of Education

Author:  Voila Learning

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Submitted by:  yorkfsl

Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021

Language of Resource: Français

Resource Type: Software

Media Format: Website

A descriptive list of math online resources and direct links for FSL students across Canada in grades K-12, as adapted by the British Columbia curriculum. Allows for differentiation in learning.
According to the British Columbian curriculum, “Students learn by attaching meaning to what they do and need to construct their own meaning of mathematics. This meaning is best developed when learners encounter mathematical experiences that proceed from the simple to the complex and from the concrete to the abstract. The use of a variety of manipulatives and pedagogical approaches can address the diversity of learning styles and developmental stages of students, and enhance the formation of sound, transferable, mathematical concepts.” (Curriculum documents- Page 11). The following websites provide opportunities to practice various concepts in math in a fun way that relates to the British Columbian curriculum.

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Program(s): Immersion

Subject(s): Mathématiques & statistiques

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