Ain’t I a woman ? / Ne suis-je pas une femme ?

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Discours prononcé en 1851,à la Women’s Convention de Akron, Ohio, USA.

This brochure offers two different transcripts of Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman” speech, translated from English to French. The first is by a white woman (Frances Dana Gage) who embellished her transcript of the speech with a southern-style American dialect. Gage was the organizer of the Women’s Rights convention where Sojourner spoke. The transcript of the second speech was reported by Marcus Robinson in the Anti-Slavery Bugle newspaper. Robinson was a Black man who worked with Sojourner Truth.

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Program(s): Late Immersion, Extended, Late Extended

Education Level: Adult and Continuing Education, All Levels

Subject(s): Apprenants adultes, Études de genre & sexualité, Histoire & études culturelles, Interdisciplinaire/transdisciplinaire, Études sociales

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