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Elitist, Inequitable and Exclusionary Practices: A Problem within Ontario French Immersion Programs?

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Publisher:  University of Ottawa

Author:  Lauren Delcourt

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Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  février 10, 2022

Language of Resource: Anglais

Resource Type: Article

Media Format: Website

This literature review is intended to shed light on the French Immersion Programs in Canada. The author tries to address certain concerns that exist within a French Immersion school board; such as not giving every student an equal opportunity to enter into the FI program and remain in it. Since the FI program wishes to maintain a professional reputation, this elitist practise leads to students dropping out of French Immersion programs due to the fact that they feel that they do not fit in.

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Program(s): Immersion

Education Level: 1, 4, 8, 12

Subject(s): Éducation, Langue française, Langue & linguistique

Equity, Diversity, Social Justice: This material contains content related to equity, diversity, and/or social justice.

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