Quality Learning in French Second Language in New Brunswick

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Publisher:  Second Language Education Centre; University of New Brunswick Fredericton; New Brunswick, Canada

Author:  Sally Rehorick, D.A., C.A.S., Joseph Dicks, Paula Kristmanson

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Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  février 10, 2022

Language of Resource: Anglais

Resource Type: Thesis

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This paper seeks to understand how students in a French as a Second Language program can utilize their skills even after they graduate from high school. It specifically looks at a study done in New Brunswick on how their language programs differ from other provinces and what target goals they are meeting to ensure that graduates from a FI program can function in the real world by using the language skills they learned in school. It also looks at expanding the different French programs and strengthening the curriculum foundations to ensure that students are getting a quality education while learning French as a second language.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion, Extended

Education Level: Université - premier cycle, 9, 12, Adult and Continuing Education

Subject(s): Éducation, Langue française

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