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Student Attrition in Specialized High School Programs: An Examination of three French Immersion Centres

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Publisher:  University of Lethbridge; Faculty of Education

Author:  Cadez, Ronald V.

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Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  février 10, 2022

Language of Resource: Anglais

Resource Type: Thesis

Media Format: Website

This study attempts to understand why boys and girls are deciding to leave French Immersion schools at the high school level. Factors that impact one’s decision to leave include: the marks they are receiving in FI classes, challenges with learning the language, behavioural challenges and so forth. This article attempts to address concerns such as exploring whether the interest for French still exists once students get in high school and whether or not students can achieve better grades in an anglophone school vs a FI school.

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Program(s): Immersion

Education Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject(s): Éducation, Langue française

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