Vocabulaire, les professions

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Publisher:  TV5MONDE

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Date Submitted:  avril 12, 2021

Language of Resource: Français

Resource Type: Video

Media Format: Website

The video presents people singing about different professions, in the masculine and feminine. It also explains how to pronounce the end of the feminine and masculine words. Learning is connected to real world experiences. Students can also talk about professions that are considered mainly for men or women, how they have evolved overtime, and how they differ across the world.
Keywords: masculine, feminine, professions. Type of activities: grammar feminine and masculine, vocabulary practice (written tutorial for all the activities). Curriculum expectations:
– Core French Grade 4 – Writing – D1 Purpose, audience, and form – D1.2 Writing in a Variety of Forms (Teachers can model and encourage the use of the masculine and feminine forms of adjectives (both singular and plural), as well as the appropriate past, present, and future tenses of familiar verbs in their descriptions.) Students can talk about parents and grandparents’ professions, and about what they want to be when they grow up. – Core French Grade 7:
– Listening – A1 listening to understand A1.1 Using Listening Comprehension Strategies: identify a range of listening comprehension strategies and use them before, during, and after listening to understand oral French texts.
A2.3 Metacognition: (a) describe, in conversation with the teacher and their peers, factors that prevent them from listening effectively (e.g., lack of familiarity with vocabulary, difficulty processing information quickly) and some strategies they found helpful before, during, and after listening;
Suggested activity: Students will explain strategies they used to understand the song or part of it.
B2.2 Interacting: engage in a variety of guided spoken interactions with their peers and the teacher, using familiar sentence structures and expressions, with teacher modelling and support as appropriate. Activity: Students can talk about professions that are considered mainly for men or women; how they have evolved overtime, how they differ across the world. Intercultural understanding (more about intercultural understanding)

Students learn about the cultural values of different francophone countries.
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Program(s): Core French, Immersion

Education Level: 4, 7

Subject(s): Études de genre & sexualité

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