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Quick Fact Sheet: Creative Commons and copyright

This Quick Fact Sheet gives a quick overview of how to choose royalty-free resources to prepare an Open Educational Resource (OER). It is open to development and other strategies can be added. Feel free to adapt it, as it is licensed under CC BY-NC. Save to Board […]

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This document is a survey template designed to be shared following a Camerise Diving workshop. It can be printed or copied and pasted into a survey tool of your choice such as Google Form, LimeSurvey, SurveyMonkey or other. This resource is under the CC BY-NC-SA license, so you can download it, adapt it, translate it, […]

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In this collection of links, you'll have access to the Camerise Deep Dives collection. These resources are under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA license, to facilitate their adaptation and reuse. To access the resources, click on Visit link. You may consult and copy the documents or export them in the format of your choice for further […]

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A Continuum of Considerations for Leaders in FSL Programs

This continuum is a tool to guide leaders in French as a Second Language (FSL) programs. It can be used to determine strengths and next steps to overcome systemic barriers in FSL in various contexts. There are also resources listed to support growth within each component. Cette ressource est placée sous la licence Creative Commons […]

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The CEFR in Canada: Collection : Le CECR au Canada

Within this resource, you will find a collection of links to modules that present the context of the CEFR in Canada, particularly in Ontario, such as: Module 1: The CEFR in Canada: a Historical Perspective. Also available in French. Module 2: The Influence of the CEFR in Ontario. Also available in French. Module 3: Critical […]

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Plongeons Camerise : Collection

Dans ce bouquet de liens, vous aurez accès à la collection des Plongeons Camerise. Ces ressources sont placées sous licence Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA pour faciliter leur adaptation et leur réutilisation. En cliquant sur Visiter le lien, vous accéderez à un bouquet de liens. Vous pourrez les consulter et vous serez également libre de copier […]

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