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Prononciation; les lettres de l’alphabet

The singer sings a song about her name and the letters of the alphabet. Learning resource type: Listening activity Keywords: alphabet, prénom, prononciation, des sons Suggested activities: Learner will spell own name, names of family members and pets, as well as other words. Vocabulary and expressions: je m’appelle, elle s’appelle, il s’appelle; maman, papa, grand-mère, […]

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Mômes par parents

Vous avez envie de passer un moment agréable avec les mômes ? Que vous soyez parents ou des proches des enfants, enseignants, ATSEM, Ass Mat, nounous ou animateurs. Trouvez des tas d’idées d’activités sur 9 et partagez-les avec nous. Ici, on échange tous nos idées d’activités pour s’amuser avec les enfants et on pose […]

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Mini TFO Kids / Flip TFO, Plus TFO, Idello

Educational French language videos, films and TV shows for kids, youth and adults based on Canada’s francophonie. Also quality educational certified content for students, parents and teachers from K-12. TFO provides educational content in French for children, teens and adults in four different categories. Mini TFO offers educational videos, cartoons, animated films, TV shows for […]

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This website offers resources for several subjects, games, quizzes, a real wealth of activities and assessments that will help teachers, parents and students. Lumni est la nouvelle offre de l’audiovisuel public au service de l’éducation pour les élèves, les enseignants et les éducateurs et qui regroupe tous les acteurs de l’audiovisuel public. Cette offre éducative […]

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Lightbulb Languages

This site is packed with over 7000 language resources written by language teachers for language teachers. French for beginners, A level. Resources include sound files, puzzles and games, interactive games, etc. Save to Board […]

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Grammaire: poser une question

This story helps the listener to answer the phone effectively. The phone rings, someone answers, and questions are asked until the lady realizes that the person on the other side of the line had called the wrong number. Learning resource type: Listening activity, real world connection, text is transcribed. Keywords: Où, comment, prénom, nom, âge, […]

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Jump Math

Jumpmath is a curriculum based tool originally designed for teachers but also has become a tool for parents wanting to give their child a boost in math. Grades K-8 in English and French, and designed for the French Immersion or Extended French classroom. Jumpmath provides extra help in math for students in English programs and […]

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Is French Immersion ‘Suitable’ for Children with Dyslexia?

Dr. Nancy Wise dispels common myths about the ‘suitability’ of French immersion (FI) for children with dyslexia. She shares research evidence obtained by leading investigators indicating that, with the provision of supports both in and outside of school, students with dyslexia can benefit from participation in FI. Nancy highlights the importance of early screening in […]

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Helpful tips to support French as a second language learners

This is a comprehensive list of resources for parents, learners and educators on how to support FSL students in French Immersion, Extended, or Core French programs. Information on how to help with homework as a non-French speaker, whether FSL is for students with special needs, peer literacy tutoring, and information for FSL high school students […]

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