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To What Extent are Canadian Second Language Policies Evidence-Based? Reflections on the Intersections of Research and Policy

This article focuses on four major Canadian policies: The Core French and Immersion program for non-native French speakers, policies surrounding immigrant language learners, heritage teaching and learning disabilities. This article sheds light on how these educational policies can be implemented in order to better meet the needs of language learners and to ensure that all […]

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Dyslexia in the Classroom

This article focuses on the struggles of a student with dyslexia in the French Immersion program. The article sheds light on how parents and teachers must be in constant communication and devise a learning plan for the student in order for them to progress at an appropriate speed and ultimately succeed in learning two languages. […]

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Pente or Slope?: Using Student Voices to Explore Program Choice and Experiences in Secondary French Immersion Mathematics

This phenomenological study explores students’ decisionmaking about whether to remain in an optional French immersion (FI) mathematics course in Grade 11, as well as students’ subsequent experiences in their mathematics course of choice. “Survey data from FI students revealed that the main reasons for transferring from FI are quality of instruction, a perception of increased […]

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Pour s’exprimer dans notre langue

Les témoignages de jeunes qui s’adressent au personnel de leurs écoles en partageant leurs stratégies gagnantes pour rendre les jeunes plus à l’aise de s’exprimer en français. Save to Board […]

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