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L’apprentissage de la langue écrite. Approche cognitive

« Comment les enfants apprennent-ils à lire et à écrire ? D’où proviennent les difficultés observées ? Comment les prévenir ou les enrayer ? Ces questions passionnantes et d’actualité sur le plan de la politique nationale et européenne se sont rapidement muées en sujet de polémiques. Leur mise en avant médiatique a pu laisser penser […]

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International Student Exchange Ontario ISE

Ontario elementary and secondary students enrolled in French language studies can apply to participate in a student exchange program various French-speaking countries in Europe. Ideally applications are accepted one year prior to the expected program start. Students will be matched with a student in that country and live with the family for the duration of […]

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How a second language can boost the brain: Being bilingual benefits children as they learn to speak –and adults as they age

Several studies on the impact of learning a second language are examined, from children to older adults who are experiencing degenerative brain functions. Cognitive benefits stemming from changes in brain matter throughout ones life have been found to suggest being bilingual compensates for brain deterioration caused by Alzheimers and other dementia. This article highlights the […]

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Grade 1-3 Workbook French Immersion PDF

A PDF workbook for school-aged children in Grades JK-3 for various levels, core french, and immersion students. Learning occurs through hands-on activities that is associated with the Canadian Parents for French website, but provides PDF learning materials for students. A PDF workbook for school aged children (Grade 1-3), which could be used also for pre-primary […]

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French for Life, Manitoba – Quebec Student Exchanges

The main objectives of the student exchange program Manitoba – Quebec are: Improve students French language communication skills. Improve students’ confidence to speak French. Develop students’ bilingual identity. Create lifelong opportunities and foster openness to other languages and cultures. Develop students’ greater independence and self-esteem. The Manitoba-Québec Exchange Program is offered to students enrolled in […]

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Equity4Eductors: French Resources

These are living documents of various recourses available in French organized by different subjects. “This website is a great resource for educators committed to teaching from an equity and social justice lens. There are many different resources shared for many categories such as Indigenous Heritage, Inclusive Education etc. The website is easy to navigate and […]

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