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École Internationale du français

A resource document for students to learn the past tense in French. PDF Document A PDF document created by Sylvie Auger (UQTR) Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières that is geared to learning the passé composé or the past tense in French. Save to Board […]

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Éducation et francophonie

La revue scientifique virtuelle Éducation et francophonie a pour but la diffusion de résultats de recherche inédits touchant des thématiques variées en éducation de langue française au Canada. Deux numéros thématiques sont publiés par année, généralement, et les thèmes abordés touchent tous les ordres d’enseignement. La revue en bref Éducation et francophonie est une revue […]

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Elitist, Inequitable and Exclusionary Practices: A Problem within Ontario French Immersion Programs? / A Literature Review

The 2013 Ontario French Second Language (FSL) Curriculum emphasizes inclusivity and bilingualism; however, many students are recommended to opt out of French Immersion (FI). The opting-out of students may support the strengthening of the program by establishing a reputation of success, but how does it affect the withdrawn child? Are FSL programs using best practices […]

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Equity4Eductors: French Resources

These are living documents of various recourses available in French organized by different subjects. “This website is a great resource for educators committed to teaching from an equity and social justice lens. There are many different resources shared for many categories such as Indigenous Heritage, Inclusive Education etc. The website is easy to navigate and […]

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Canadian FSL Teacher Candidate Beliefs about Students with Learning Difficulties

Through the lens of critical theory, and with consideration of research on the beliefs of teacher candidates and inclusion, this study considers the views of French Second Language pre-service teachers toward students with learning difficulties. This study reports on the results of two questionnaires, implemented prior to and following the participants’ classroom practicum experiences, as […]

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